The oil and gas industry is very advanced in terms of technology. However, regulatory compliance, data collection and asset management is typically done using pen, paper, and spreadsheets. JPL RFID immediately brings our clients into the 21st century with innovative asset tracking/data management solutions, GPS location tracking, mapping, safety and regulatory compliance.
RFID & Bar Code Data Capture


Material Tracking & Tracing


Pipeline Safety & Compliance

Our mission is to provide turnkey cradle to grave (mill to right of way) material and documentation management required by the ever changing requirements of FERC & PHMSA.​

The most important aspect of pipeline safety is a sound, comprehensive compliance program that complies with current FERC & PHMSA requirements. 

The key to successful supply chain and operations management is to know where things are, where they have been and when they didn’t arrive where they should have.

Our expertise includes significant experience in transportation, logistics, customs and the technology to know where things are (track) and where they have been (trace).​

RFID has many advantages over a traditional barcode approach.


Each method has advantages and disadvantages and a thorough understanding of these is essential to making the right selection of automatic data capture method for the process environment.


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